DxO Blocking Non-Supported Editors?

For many years I used a third-party, non-Adobe photo editor to run the Nik Collection plug-ins. However, with DxO Nik Collection 5, it is impossible to save the results of a Nik plug-in back to that editor. Tests indicate DxO is apparently blocking non-supported editors from working cooperatively with the Nik plug-ins. Is this correct? If so, why?

Certainly a reason to think twice about paying for another version update.

Have you presented your problem to DxO at support.dxo.com? I think that’s your best option if you want a non-speculative answer. I’ve never heard of DxO blocking other apps intentionally.

I had never heard of that either. However, the publishers of the third-party editor have been in touch with DxO at least twice, receiving a response indicating DxO did not have the time to address issues related to a non-supported editor.

Developers of the third party editor made a copy of their app and changed the name to that of a supported app, then they ran a couple of the Nik plug-ins. The plug-ins worked correctly on the app with the name change.

Which third party app are we talking about. Frankly, the way you describe this third party app’s attempt to resolve this issue sounds a little fishy.


Not fishy at all! Just an attempt by a company to provide customer support, unlike the reply from DxO, indicating they’ve never had a relationship with the company and can do nothing.

The photo editor is PhotoLine, produced by a small German company. The editor has been around a long time.

there are more incompatibilities → … now

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DXO wouldn’t deliberately block a photo editor. NIK is a plugin and needs a photo editor to work effectively.
As a plugin develops and uses more / different resources incompatibilities will develop. It is up to the photo editor to decide if they want to keep their product able to use current plugins.

Software OS support is a separate issue.

The only thing standing in the way of Photoline’s development are the two developers themselves, so at some point I gave up using their software and never looked back.
Nik Collection 5 works fine with Affinity Photo and other Software which i have tried in the past.