DXO and Canon CR2 failure to load

Just got the DXO PureRaw. It does not want to load Canon 7D MK II files to process. says already done or unsupported. Using Windows on Desktop. Loads my 5D MK II and even R7 files.
Any help please.

Hello @stefaan ,

we don’t support Canon mRAW or sRAW, did you shoot with these modes ?
They are not real RAW, that’s why.


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Hi Marie.
Thx for the reply. I went to check on my camera and see that the camera shop must have changed my camera to mRAW when they calibrated my lens. Could not see that on the Exiff data. Changed it back to RAW and will check. That must be the cause.

Oh my. I was just trying out DxO as I am looking for something to possibly replace Adobe Lightroom (don’t want Adobe cloud). I’ve narrowed down my evaluation choices to ON1 and PhotoLab 6. I have been impressed with DxO PhotoLab 6 up until I ran into this problem. I just discovered that I apparently shot 2 years of photos in mraw/sraw, and I never even knew it. I don’t know how that happened (maybe from a firmware update on my 6D?) and now I am stuck with photos I cannot process edit in PhotoLab. I seem to be able to use them with no issue in Lightroom and Photoshop. This is a frustrating situation. Is there any way to recover from this?

DxO explain why mRAW and sRAW are not supported on this page:

I don’t know for sure but you might be able to do something with such files in PL if you first convert them to DNG format.