Dxo AI problems with .tiff archives

Hello, greetings to all.
I have DxO installed and all good. When I select certain photos in Raw I apply one of Nick’s filters (Analog and others). When I apply the filters, when converting the files to .tiff they lose the name of the photo and it acquires a very long one, and when I export them to jpg it keeps that long name and I have to change it manually.

Anyone know what can it be?

Thank you.-

Hi José,

by default Nik adds “_Nik.tif”, when converting from raw to tif (from a single file / the Master)
and adds e.g. “_Nik_1.tif” … , when converting from the raw file’s virtual copy.

You can’t change this behaviour, only rename afterwards
(e.g. within PL double click on the name or hit F2 for the highlighted pic).