DXO 4 Upgrade price - USD$49.99 or $69.00

On the DXO product page, it says the upgrade price is USD$49 but when I try to check out, the price is $69…what is the correct price?

I belive this is the same problem as every year.

$69.00 is for the Elite Edition
$49.99 is for the Essential Edition

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Yep, I had the Elite Edition and payed 69,99€ for the upgrade.
DxO PhotoLab Elite x 1: 76.72 €
PromoCode LAUNCH-PHOTOLAB-4 x 1: -16.39 €
Subtotal exkl. MwSt: 60.33 €
MwSt: 9.66 €
Total: 69.99 €

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@Adrenochrom and @KameraD are both correct.