Duplicate photoshop "expand content region" function?

To begin, it will be a very, very cold day in Hades before I pay ransom to Adobe for anything. So, nope, not moving to PS to do this bit of retouching.

OK, that disposed of, I came across a how-to YT video about photographing a bottle of beer, and glass with beer beside it.

I’ve marked the URL to drop into the video at 10:00 into the content. Watch how the black jagged stripes are removed by, I think, stretching part of the image to cover the black stripes.

Is there a similar function in PL? If there isn’t, I think I’d use “Clone” to duplicate existing content (i.e. the edge of the table and background), and drop the cloned image over the stripes. So, does PL do what is shown in PS?

After watching the video, I’m convinced that this presenter is related to Bob Ross, painter of “happy trees”.

Hi Richard,

He’s using layers in PS which PL doesn’t have(yet?). You can do the same thing, though, in PL using the clone/repair tool. Please remember that you have to export the file to TIFF or JPG first before the cloning will work on the black edges.

OK, that confirms my guess of how to get the same effect in PL. Beyond that, all the fooling around with layers left me very underwhelmed. It looked like a lot of work-around to get what PL does without too much effort.

Disposing of the dead tree that filled much of the area framed by the pines, I admit, took a lot of time with PL. Messing with PS layers, etc. to do that same? I suppose a PS Zen Master might get it done. A mere mortal? I have my doubts.

You put a lot of effort into the cloning, so I guess that by now you know how to use it. – And yes, careful editing takes time.

But to my mind, it wasn’t necessary in the sense, that it didn’t improve the result really. Instead, simply to dim the dead tree and leave it as part of the foreground was sufficient. :slight_smile:

Trust me, that tree was almost as bad as somebody standing in front of me (harder to fix, though). I planned the shot knowing the tree was going to be retouched out.
AFAIK, dimming the tree would taken about the same effort as removing it. Anyway, done is done. [smile]

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I would download Photoshop CS 2. Adobe no longer requires any activation as it is a such a old program, but, for all practical purposes it will run rings around PL5 when it comes to that type of editing.

Thanks for the information. NTL I trust adobe about as far as I can throw them.

Based on the video I posted, Making the changes presented, with one exception, took far to much effort because of fiddling with layers. For example, removing bubble and send theach group to a layer, and keeping the layers straight afterward?A thoughtful bit of clone and gone. Went the back? Remove the clone mask. Easy-peasy.

The exception was cutting and pasting the bottle’s logo on the glass. Cutting out the white parts, too let the beer in the glass show, through was easier with PS. Maybe PL can do it too. I just don’t know how.,

I’ll be snarky and say that the real Erdinger label on the glasses is a lot bigger. Been there, drunk some. (Paulaner IMHO is better than Edinger by a mile)

Layers and masks at first look intimidating but it so much easier to erase or replace without having to start all over. Your original image remains untouched until you’re satisfied and finalize your work. Even after saving your new file you can still go back and undue anything or everything and continue editing. PS 2 has been discontinued for so long that Adobe doesn’t even carry it on their servers anymore. Fortunately a large number of software and photography sites still host the file to be downloaded.

Depends on the amount of change. Individual masks are easy to remove. Local Adjustments provides hiding a mask, not just deleting it. Plenty of options there. (LA gripe: some sort of labeling in the table would help avoid “guessin’ and gropin’” to find which table entry is which operation on the image.)

Worse comes to worse, do a reset, and take it from the top. I’ve done that a couple of times and resetting gave me a new look at what I have. “Did I need to this?” or “Should I have to do that?” or " Do this instead of that." Basically, life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Back to the beer. I wish there was a way to get a RAW of the final image shot. It’d be fun to see how PL would handle it.

It sounds like you know what you’re doing with PL5. I’m a new user and like some of the results I’m getting when using PL5 as a Raw editor for Canon files. If I have to make any other changes it’s straight into PS only because I have been using it for years and I can accomplish what I want to do quickly. I checked that guys YouTube page. He has a lot of videos but no links to download any of his project photos.

You can name your local adjustments in the panel on the right!

Great! Obviously I missed that.

I went back, to LA, created a mask, and renamed it in the table. Gripe withdrawn.

Thanks for the help!