Duplicate Colour Rendering?

In DPL 5’s colour rendering tool’s camera body list, there is what looks like a duplicate group (1D4…) with an almost identical list of entries.

Is this a bug or a feature? If it is a feature, some kind of additional info about when to choose which group would be helpful.

Note: Haven’t looked for other similar duplications.

Good morning @platypus

the second line has the term"neutral" at the end

But still the question if second line is neutral, what’s the firs line for

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Yes, I’ve seen it. If it meant that neutral was for all, I’d change it from
…1200D Neutral to …1200D, all neutral

Dear @Marie

could you take care of the topic and clarify if

  • in the second line the neutral stands for all bodies and
  • what rendering is behind the first line

Thanks in advance and I wish you a very pleasant day



Canon 1DMk4 … 1200D : we calibrated the standard rendering of these cameras, this one will be identical to “default rendering” you get if you open an image of these cameras.
Thing is, it was not OK for some colors (red and pink) when they are saturated. So we calibrated also the neural rendering of the cameras and that’s what you have with line Canon 1DMk4 … 1200D neutral.


Hi @Marie

This prompts the question, if the “neutral” rendering is better, why bother keeping the default one? Or is that because it was perceived that some people want the “imperfection”?


@Joanna if you don’t have really saturated pink or red rendering was fine. Neutral rendering was added later than standard one, when people were already using it so we we didn’t want to break things and prefer propose a possibility to solve issue if people have it.


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Ah, OK. That seems reasonable. I think the confusion accords when you only have a very limited amount of text to differentiate.

Unless you can fit

Canon 1DMk4,7D,7DMk2,50D, 60D, 100D, 500D, 550D, 650D, 1200D if you don't want saturated reds and pinks

on one line of the drop-down menu :crazy_face: :joy:

be carefull I have only two 24" monitors and my workroom is also limited :joy:

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… but, if one did then the solution is to use the “Neutral rendering” alternative.

  • In which case, would it not have been better to have simply replaced the original rendering with the neutral rendering algorithm ('cos those who did not have the problem would not notice, and those who did would have that problem solved) … Or, am I being too simplistic ?

John M

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I played around with the two renderings and found that the “neutral” rendering changes the looks of an image too much - and that I’d not want to have any of the two removed.

Overall, the neutral rendering has its uses, but renaming it to “reduce reds” would make things clearer - use tool tips for a longer text.