Dual Monitor Support

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I may be missing something really simple here, but does DXO support Dual Monitors? I would have thought this was a very basic feature and would be very surprised if it wasn’t supported; but I cant seem to find an option to enable the second monitor anywhere in PL6 :man_shrugging:

Any help appreciated :+1:

Hi @Zappa

you will find some informations here Request: Support for Mutiple screens - DxO PhotoLab / DxO PhotoLab Windows - DxO Forums or you can use the search function in the forum.
Dual monitor works with some drawbacks :innocent:

You can make use of a 2nd monitor as follows;

  • Press [Ctrl+U] and the Image Browser will be unlocked … then you can move it to the other monitor. This provides more space on your main screen for your image.

  • Also, you can “grab” the Titles from any of the toolbar palettes and move them over to a 2nd monitor … and then you can stack them there anyway you prefer.

John M

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and this point is terrible, because by moving Color, Light and the other palettes to the second screen you can place them but they don’t dock together like in the original workspace (Advanced). And after placing them near together and expanding some of the palette tools they cover each other.
At least that was the behaviour after release5 and I haven’t tried it since then.
It would be good if I could move the complete palette area to the 2 screen, and also the complete area with IPTC, histogram, magnifier etc.
Yes, you can arrange it all tediously and save it as a workspace, but beautiful and user-friendly is different.
If there is a convenient option and I haven’t noticed it yet…let me know.

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I use the approach John has outlined and am very satisfied with it. I place all of the palettes I want on the second monitor, and reserve the main monitor for just the image being worked on (inside the PL app window). I haven’t needed to produce a custom palette or set of palettes yet - rather I just use a subset of all of the ones available in PL that contain the controls I want. However, if I wanted to it’s straightforward to produce one or more custom palettes and just hide the PL standard ones.

I take Guenter’s point about palettes overlapping, but only if you arrange them with the controls collapsed. My approach is to have some palettes fully expanded, where all of the controls are ones used frequently. With other palettes I have some controls expanded and others (infrequently used) collapsed, and I have one or two little used, but wanted, palettes completely collapsed. For me this setup is no more complicated to use than the DxO Advanced one, where all of the palettes only fir on the screen if collapsed and once expanded to more than a screen depth you have to scroll up and down to the desired control.

One point to note - as far as I’ve experienced, workspaces are not migrated between versions of PL when you install a newer, later version. However, I’ve never had any issue in copying the earlier workspace file into the Workspaces folder of the newer version - although you will have to add any new controls that have been introduced in the new version if you want them.

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I have the edit window completely on my right screen and the browser on my left one which is the main sceen. I configured a new palet for my main editing windows which leaves the default palets untouched.

You’re right, @Guenterm it’s opposite of user friendly. Even if the two independent windows can act together, the additonal click inot each window befpre you can use it is an exception in Mac world. usually the region in which the mouse arrow is shown can be activated immediately with any action, be it click or secondary click or scrolling.

Just try this and then tell me how to move the part with the avtive correction, and expand all subtools in light or color or…
For me on Win10 and DPL5 no chance to got my left screen for picture only and having all the other stuff on the right. Yes I can work and find improvements, but …
And the long discussed Solo Mode like in LR…???


Do you mean like this - or am I misunderstanding your question?

Nice trick Paul :grin:,

but clicking the hide arrow also hides the active correction, but I want to move the active correction area also to the right screen