Drivers for new fuji 40mp Camera

I bought DXO for my XH2 camera but so far there is no driver for it. When is it due?

DxO maintains their list of supported cameras and lenses (and allows requests to add to this list) here:

DxO Supported Cameras & Lenses

The X-H2S is listed, the X-H2 is not. DxO staff frequently answers questions like yours in this forum, so stay tuned.

Did you not have a chance to test it during the 30-day free trial? If you did not use the trial before purchasing I strongly suggest in the future to take advantage of the free trial for any software that offers one prior to purchasing. Many of us have assumed at one time or another that the latest version of software we are familiar with will meet our current expectations and don’t bother to trial it first. It is a lesson we sometimes lean the hard way.


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Check out this: