Drifting cursor in macOS 10.15 (Catalina)

I’ve been using DxO ViewPoint in macOS High Sierra and recently upgraded to Catalina. When I attempt to set the four points for a perspective adjustment, I typically position them roughly and then invoke the “slow cursor” capability by pressing the Shift key. In Catalina, when I move the cursor in this mode, it continues to drift past my designated position after I stop moving on the trackpad. Invariably, this drift spoils my ability to make a precise specification of the reference points for the perspective adjustment. I haven’t been able to find a way to stop this drift, which didn’t occur in High Sierra. Is anyone else seeing this? I’ve filed a trouble ticket, but I’m curious if I’m just missing something obvious.

A more precise statement would be that when you select slow movement in the cursor in DxO ViewPoint, the cursor is given so much inertia that it inevitably drifts past your targeted position. Turning off cursor inertia in the Accessibility settings doesn’t remedy this problem. I don’t know if Catalina includes a gesture that might eliminate the unwanted inertia, but it remains a definite problem for me.

I have the same issue using macOS Big Sur, making the feature unusable. Works fine with Windows.

I had this problem recur in macOS Monterey. I would suggest that you file a trouble report, so that DxO knows this is a real problem. And, if you have the time to implement it, I can suggest a work-around.

The work-around is to wipe your disk clean and re-install macOS. Then install DxO ViewPoint and check that it works. If that looks OK, go ahead and re-install all of your other applications. I followed this procedure for macOS Catalina and for macOS Monterey. In both cases I ended up with an installation where DxO ViewPoint worked properly – and continued to do so.

It looks like there is some conflict between DxO ViewPoint and other software on your machine. But installing DxO ViewPoint first may avoid that conflict. When I reported the problem under macOS Catalina, DxO was unable to track down its source – although they did make an effort. It’s now clear that there is a bug in their code. I’ve seen the same problem with DxO ViewPoint 3.1.16, DxO ViewPoint 3.2.0 and Perspective Efex in the Nik Collection. We’ve now seen it show up under macOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur, and macOS Monterey. If enough people report this problem in trouble tickets, let’s hope DxO makes the effort needed to track it down.