Draw straight lines with the Brush tool (“Local Adjustments”)

As stated in the topic heading: Having the capability to draw straight lines with the Brush tool.

Click at the beginning of the location for the straight line with the Brush tool, then click at the end location with the Brush tool while holding down the “Shift” key. (Just like Photoshop.)

This feature of course would be very valuable for masking linear sections of a subject - currently there is no option other than manual drag - not the most efficient~precise approach for long segments.

So here we have an experiment…

Currently most of us do not have a lot of votes left - if any - to show support for features we like (possibly that may change in the near future, at least in some small fashion). Clearly this particular request is not going to light up the switchboards compared to other “major” features; but I think it is very useful.

There presently is no way to “vote” or “like” on a feature request using Discourse. Hence this post immediately under the original request, which could serve as a model until Discourse allows such a format.

By “liking” the post (by the OP) such as this one immediately underneath a request You can show your support for a feature for which You either do not want to give up a precious vote - but think is worthwhile; or You are out of votes but want to indicate it is a good~great idea worthy of consideration by the Dev team.

In essence we would be creating a two-tier approval system. I would think an idea that could garner a fair amount of “likes” would be noticed by the “Powers that Be” - and we have nothing to lose compared to the current set-up.

Note: “+1” does not register in the database - but “likes” do.


and same demand for the dust removal tool.

i think a self chosen donorplace would be first thing to accomplish to complete the dust removal tool, the clone tool.

we don’t want to overload the script writers. :wink:

just as a side remark, do we/or DxO for that matter, want a lot of pixel editter tools like photoshop has and become a full compatitor of that? Or keep the focus on sharp, clean images out a rawfile?
don’t get me wrong i don’t complain if its develope towards a full grown raw/pixel edittor, but they started just jet from a raw edittor towards a extra local (pixel editor) capability.

May dxo staff could make a list of long term achievements and short term goals.
So we/they can line up the ducks . sort out the features for this year and long term.

stil a plus one

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I’m not a person who can talk about the long/short terms of achievements (here we should ask @CaptainPO :slight_smile: ) but as for clone functionality for the inpainting (Repair tool) we’ve got it in the backlog but I can’t tell you anything about the time of the implementation.

Svetlana G.

thanks for the reply,
i was noticing that the featurerequest list was growing fast and wide spread.
This is a normal aspect if you ask us what we want to see have in our dxo application. we go wild and enthousiast. :wink:

in a other post i read that a dxo staff member wrote to cleanup the requestposts a bit. What’s a good thing. Don’t get me wrong i am one of them and a lot of requests i see posted i think owh, that would be great, nice , good to have.
i don’t want to be offend or outsmart anyone but i understand that a overflow of requests are clutting the progres.(if i get that long to do list for housemaintenance from my wife i just stop and play dead… :joy:) so devide, presenttool improvements , Short term,and newtool wishlist.

that is what my intentions are in that post.

I think it is much simpler. The developers/product owners can:

  1. just sort the requests by votes
  2. estimate first x requests with time needed for implementation
  3. Ignore requests that do not fit into the time frame for PL2

Remove implemented requests after PL2 release, repeat procedure for PL3.

This is the normal way, highly demanded features are implemented first, everything else falls off the table for the next release.


indeed agree,

  • sort the requests and this way the task ahead would be clear. , i think a lot of the present local tools are benefit from some additional tuning/adding controls.

Hello again, guys!

  • And this is exactly what we are waiting from you :wink:

And here @Asser is correct

I can just add the following - we are trying to close the suggestions which are already in the backlog or have just been added to in order you can remove your votes and put them on the new requests.

P.S. you can also see the sort by votes to be up-to-date with the info (the functionality of the forum allows it in your settings)

Thank you
Svetlana G.

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Ah good move, is it possible to “free” the votes automatic if dxo closes the post when its added to the backlist. that is better then us searching for votes we need back.(if it s possible of coarse.)

can you elaborate? it seems there is a place i can see where my votes are bount to?


Please see the screen shot below… I believe this is what You were looking for.

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HAA yes,

i didn’t recognised it because it was written in dutch… (Stemmen) :no_mouth:
This site is changing language to origin country (sort off see image :smirk:) , what’s great but a bit confusing sometimes…


Geesh i forgot “Topics” is also englisch not dutch… LOL

Hello :slight_smile: ,

You can also change the language by yourself:


P.S. The system can’t return the votes from the closed topic automatically, so you should do that manually (but it’s not so difficult with the ability to see your votes :wink:)

Svetlana G.

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I agree with this request. Being able to draw a straight line from one point to another is essential (by shift key).

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Why not give us shapes? Square, rectangle, triangle, circle (radial?). A lot of the tools to draw shapes are already in Viewpoint (and PhotoLab) as perspective controls.


Yes, we really need that feature, it makes masking much easier & faster. Especially when masking buildings. & while I am here, I’d like to have the colour profiles of the Ricoh GRs, like positive film, High Contrast B&W etc & a better adaptation of the Fujifilm simulations. Thank you.

I can’t remember how often I’ve been asking for “drawing straight lines” – just incredible.

Train yourself with mouse …
I have a ruler on my mouse map to do that :roll_eyes:

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Thanks for your advice!

But it does NOT replace what I can do for example in PS . – I would like to benefit as much as possible from editing the raw file in DPL. And (short) straight brush strokes in combination with some feathering are helpful to clean up masks.