Dragging local adjustments now always shows blue (3.2)

Previously the blue would go away as soon as slider was changed. When changing the position, I could see the image change accordingly.

But now when I change a gradient, the blue always re-appears, making it near-impossible to see what it does to the image.

I think I’ll try to install the previous version, as I find this very annoying :wink:
I’m also under the impression that 3.2 is slower but that could just be my imagination.

Hello @Skies,

Well, the current behavior: when you change a slider value -> blue mask disappears; as soon as you start dragging it -> the mask is displayed to show you the area affected but as soon as you leave the mouse -> the mask disappears again.

This is a unique behavior for all local corrections (Gradient, Brush, Auto brush).
In the previous version it was a bit different but if you downgrade from 3.2 you won’t be able to move Brush strokes for example.

Up to you to decide :wink:

Svetlana G.

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Yes that is exactly my experience. If this was done on purpose, I find this a really weird choice.

I can’t see how it changes the looks of the image! I just have to guess. :disappointed_relieved:

But Michiel, as soon as you release the mouse the blue mask disappears and you can see the changes. As changes sometimes can be very subtle the mask helps you to see the area affected when dragging

Maybe you should just get used to it?

Svetlana G.

Thanks for the fast response :wink:

I have to disagree here… The point of changing a mask position/size is to see if the position can be improved. But if the blue appears I can’t possibly see what is happening.

It’s like turning off the lights every time you change something :thinking:

Or blacking out the image while changing the contast…

Or… Imagine if Photoshop masks worked this way… :grimacing:
It is very counter productive.

EDIT: I guess a “show mask” checkbox would solve it.


Okay, a compromise :wink: Let’s wait the feedback from the other users and then we’ll see if it should be changed.

Svetlana G.

I find this behaviour to be understandable but not always useful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How about adding an Alt keypress to hide the mask whilst moving if desired?

It could also be useful to see the mask’s effect moving “live” rather than after the mouse has been released.


I find this behaviour to be understandable but not always useful

I’ll second that.


Hi there,
Thanks for your feedback folks!
When moving a mask around you could either want to see where the mask “is going” (keeping the “blue” visible) or how your local adjustments will affect your image. Both cases need to be available…that’s why we’re going to see if there is a way to give you an easy option to improve your experience!



I don’t find the masking behaviour of v3. 2 a particular problem. If I draw a gradient mask for example, then yes it sticks around for a bit, but as soon as I start moving a slider or move my mouse off to the side tool bar then the mask disappears. It does not seem particularly odd behaviour to me.

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I still really want the 3.1 behavior back. I am still working in 3.1 because of this.
I understand you want to see the mask when no changes are applied. But when you have made changes, the whole point of changing the mask positioning is to instantly see what happens. If a blue haze is appearing every time I change a mask, it is impossible to judge. (I am especially talking about gradient style masks.)

I grade in Davinci Resolve regularly and I literally position / resize a mask while looking at the view screen to see the output change in real time.

I really don’t understand why so few people are annoyed by this as the blue re-appearing all the time is totally counter productive.

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@Skies – and of course @StevenL

Yes, I also find it annoying – see Graphics tablet/pen - #17 by Wolfgang

Then, the moment you paint a mask, you get a blue overlay, preventing you from instantly seeing
(= controlling) the effect, while it simply covers PL’s recalculation time.
There is an option to activate the mask permanently, but you can’t deactivate it at wish.

The hassle with the pen tablet set aside, this is what keeps me from dodging & burning in PhotoLab (RAW-file) and I have to do that stuff in old PS (Tiff-file). – It could be so simple!