Drag&Drop while export is running -> add to batch

While I go through my images I drag and drop the ones which require noise reduction on PureRAW and export. Unfortunately this is not possible while the progress bar is shown. I would like if the program adds the dropped images to the current export cue if one is in progress.

Are you thinking of something like continuously feeding files to PureRaw, that will then process images and hand results over to a target folder or target application without further interaction?

Actually, yes, that would be nice. I opened another thread for commandline commands.

But here I actually just thought that the interface should not be blocked while PureRAW is processing images.

I think it is intuitive that new photos which are dropped while the developing is working, are simply added to the task, so they are processed when the others are done with the same parameters.

This helps to save time since PureRAW can already work while I am still browsing though my images.