Drag and drop into Edge web browser (Windows 10)

I upload photos to ebird.com. I need to be able to drag and drop selected photos into a form on the Web. Currently, I have to switch to an older editor to do this.

you should have several possibilities like

from the PhotoLibrary
Screen Shot 11-23-21 at 10.57 AM

from the context menu
Screen Shot 11-23-21 at 10.59 AM

Thanks, but neither of those is what I’m looking for. My previous photo tool let me click and drag a file directly from the file list to another app (standard Windows behavior). This is important if I’ve selected, say, 5 random photos out of 20. Sending me to Explorer won’t have those files selected. Exporting to an app won’t have the specific webpage I’m dragging to for uploading.

I’ll support this. Be sure to click on the blue Vote button at the top of the topic!

Respectfully, dragging data from inside a program to a web page for upload is not “standard windows behavior”. This is a feature request like Egregius suggests.

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I drag photos from Windows File Explorer, Photo Gallery, and other programs into Edge to upload them to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and ebird. I’d like to do the same from DXO Library.

Rick, are you saying I posted this in the wrong area/category?

Dragging photos from windows explorer is a “standard behavior”.

Dragging data from within an application is not.

Notice how it’s not possible from PLE, Canon DPP, Windows Photos, etc.

You’ve posted a feature request in the correct section, but its not standard behavior is all I was pointing out.

Edge browser on left (ebird.org). Photo Gallery application on right. When I release the mouse button, the photo from the right side is uploaded to the form on the left side. I do this a lot and cannot do this from PL.

What do you propose happens when you drag pictures to a browser window? Do you expect unedited RAWs to be uploaded or do you expect an export dialog that allows specification of file format image size metadata, etc and starts an export to a temporary location where images are then uploaded?


Specific to ebird: they don’t support raw files; I would drag selected jpgs. I assume metadata would be transferred, too, though someone might wish for an option to prevent that.

I assume you’ve uploaded photos to Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr using drag and drop. In each case, a file upload begins without additional dialog boxes. I don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes but am not aware of temporary files or locations.