DPR Window Too Large to Fit on Laptop Screen

The DxO PR 3 screen is too big to fit on my high res 15" laptop screen.

I am running v:3.7.0 on a new Dell XPS laptop with 15" screen at the recommended resolution of 3456 x 2160, running Win11. When it opens, the DxO window is too large to fit on the laptop’s 15" screen and it can’t be resized. I can slide the window back and forth to see the overflow part of the window, and I can move the window onto a second 24" monitor where it fits easily, but it cannot be made smaller than the size it opens at. When I am on the road I don’t have a second monitor, so DxO becomes very difficult to use.

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Except the question from @SimonB is about PureRAW.

Oooops ! Now I’m sure that I should get new glasses. Sorry.