DPL6 Rotate DFP6 Light Leaks by 180 Degrees

When I compare the DFP6 light leak previews with what I get in DPL6, I find that the leaks are rotated by 180 degrees, when the default light leak orientation box is active.

I’d expect the light leaks to be applied as shown in their preview.
Bildschirm 2022-12-03 um 16.04.12

Marked in green: rotated light leak
Marked in magenta: Default light leak orientation box

Some of the leaks appear even more disoriented.

What’s the logic here?

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quickly played with light leaks as I don’t use them and …

the first position is labelled “Any side”, when it looks reversed / mirrored

while with the third one labelled as “Top” they appear properly orientated

… and wonder, what was intended