DPL5 fails to read EXIF data

DPL can’t read the EXIF data of several files, whereas other software read them just fine:

I shot this using an E-M1 mk II, with a manual lens (with no electrical contact so it’s no recognized by the body).
I can normally edit the pictures in PL since it recognizes the body, but on some occasions it fails to do so.

I have attached one of the RAW files that can’t be read:
_B019215.ORF (16.4 MB)

FWIW, I have no problems viewing the image and the EXIF data in PL4 and PL5 on Windows 10. Is there an associated .dop file or XMP file? If yes, can you open the RAW image in a new folder that only has the RAW file?

I copied the file to a different folder and DPL5 managed to read the EXIF data.
So the problem is with the folder, not the file.

In the meantime I read that the software acts weird when dealing with large folders, and that particular folder has around 2500 files inside…

So I guess I’ll have to clean it up a bit. But it is definitely a bug.

Actually, not the folder. I would agree with Greg that this looks like a problem with a corrupted DOP or XMP sidecar for that one file?

@Joanna in fact I don’t see any DOP or XMP sidecar in the folder for that file… How can I fix this?

It’s probably a database or cache problem, then. You can rename the entire folder and have PhotoLab read it again - or even delete the whole database if your image adjustments are also being stored in sidecar files. I wonder if there are other solutions - but it seems we don’t know the cause of the problem.