DPL5 Background and Grid Colours: Not Changeable on macOS Ventura

DPL 5 can’t change said colours, because the colour chooser pops up for a split second only.

(DPL6 was the same in early access, but works as expected in DPL 6.0.1 build 25)

Found with DPL 5.5 build 73 on macOS 13.0 (22A380) on M1 MacBook Air 2020.

Was just wondering if anyone had installed yet and run into issue.

I recall Monterey having issues so have held off and as I’ve gone back to PL5 for now whilst we wait for the ReTouch bug to be sorted possibly the right choice for once!

How you finding it other than that. Worth it in anyway over Monterey?

I was testing macOS Ventura beta releases on my MBA and found that most things I tried in DPL worked as expected.

That is something you have to decide…and at a certain point in time, you might need to. e.g. if you want to use a new DPL that does not install on macOS Monterey…but you could skip a macOS release or two until that time.

I’ve not really tested the new features of macOS Ventura. System preferences now look and work like on an iPad or iPhone. Things have been moved and regrouped. I don’t see any added user value in this change, but it might make sense in the long run.

Seems to be fixed in DPL 5.5 build 81. Thanks, DxO!