DPL5 Advanced History Feature - or Bug

When I delete the history and then apply my own No Correction preset, this action is not added to the history in DPL5 “official” build 39 on macOS Big Sur on iMac 2019.

Note that I had originally created my preset in DPL2 and edited it to include DPL5 features. I suspect that the preset the cause. If this should be the case, how should we update presets in new versions of DPL?

A00v5 - Reset (no corrections).preset.zip (2.7 KB)

I’m not able to reproduce it.

As you can see from the attached screenshot, your preset is shown in the History palette.
To begin with, I erased the history by clicking “Clear History”, then I applied your custom preset (which I had imported prior to the history’s erasing)…


Strange… I’ll test again and will report later.

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I found the “issue”.

When I delete the protocol and then apply a preset that was already applied when the protocol was deleted, the new application of the preset is not logged.

While it makes sense to not log the repeated application of a preset, it feels strange in this case - as well as is the usual first line in the protocol which says that the default preset was applied, instead of saying which preset it was.

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