DPL4: Standard Values for CA Correction Preset

DPL4 adds a Preset called “Only DxO optical corrections” (or something like that).

In this Preset, most settings are set to “automatic” (magic wand is sparkling) except for “CA Size”, which seems to be fixed to “4”.

When I check my images, I get slight remains of CA, unless I activate the magic wand for CA Size.

Update: CA Size is always set to 4 (not only in the new preset I mention above)

What is the reason to limit CA Size? Hasty omission? Lack of trust in the robot? Other?

That’s an interesting observation, @platypus … I’m guessing it’s a mistake, but I’ll be keen to have clarification too.


It’s the same in PL3 (Win) using the ‘DxO Standard’ preset, CA Size is set to 4 / the magic wand is not activated.

I’d not noticed that before so thanks,