DPL3 Lens modules

I’ve installed the last DPL3 release, in Trial mode for the moment, and esach time, I start it, I’ve a Windows, that ask me wich type of lens I’ve taken my photos.
Each time, it’s for the same photos folder.
So, I select the good Lens profil, then work on my photo, quit DPL3, and start it again, and he ask me, which module I would like.

I’ve never work with this photos with DPL2 before. Only DPL3.
Any idea?

Yes, it’s a bad behavior.
The system should ask only once per folder.


That might be a result of using the Trial version. I don’t recall that happening in the regular version (PL2 or PL3); after selecting a lens profile for download, it’s been available in any session and in any folders. Was this in Windows or Mac version?

I haven’t been clear.
This is the normal behavior and it is not good.


If you have already downloaded a lens correction module for your images there is no reason PhotoLab ask you again to download modules.

We will investigate this behavior.


It’s a “normal” behavior when there is confusion between lenses version.

I mean, this question is normal for new photos folder discovery.
And then, the decison should be saved for the next access.

Hello @NicolasB77,

Let’s investigate. First, when you open this folder do you have this icon on any of your images?


Then if you do not have such an icon, could you, please, provide me with your logs, CafList3.db ( %LocalAppData%\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 3) and a screenshot of installed modules like this:

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Hello Svetlana,
Sorry to not respond before, I wasn’t available.
This morning, when starting DPL3, I’ve got this alert:

If I click on the yellow icon, I’ve this picture

From my original picture, the lens is correctly detected

Q: The image is in Tiff format.
Is that a problem?

When I started DPL3, I saw that there was an update. I downloaded it.
I uninstalled the previous version of DPL3, then cleaning the folder C:\Program Files\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 3
and then installed the upgrade.
When I launch it, a window asks me for the module I need, (it’s normal), I installed it and then I close DXO DPL3.
I started it again, and I didn’t have any problem with detecting the optical modules.
Then it’s good for me.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION. A photographer friend with whom I was talking last Wednesday told me that he was going to buy the new DXO DPL3 on my advice. He’s going to do it this weekend.
I’m going to do it too.

Thank you for your help.
Have a good weekend.
Nicolas Biabaut

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Sounds like you got it sorted which is good. :grinning:

For what it’s worth, I have this issue in PL2 if the folder contains an image that’s been processed by another piece of software (haven’t yet tested it enough to say which software). It asks me to download a module, but none of the modules are for camera/lens combinations I’ve got. It doesn’t offer me the combination I have got (which is selected for other images in the folder).

Hello Nicolas,

  • In this screenshot I see that one of the images has modules ambiguity and that is why you were suggested the additional modules. As soon as you resolve it you won’t be suggested the modules again.
  • This time you downloaded only one module suitable -> as the result no ambiguity detected and you are not suggested additional modules.

So from what I see you’ve got the expected behavior.

  • Nice to hear it :+1:

Svetlana G.