DPL Updates to Versions 5.13.1 and 6.8.1 on Mac

Meanwhile on my Windows 10 machine, PL5 5.13.0 build 4880 says it is up to date, i.e. no sign of a v5.13.1 - yet.

EDITED to add: same on my Win 11 laptop.

Obviously no bug to fix in the Win version :smile:

I’ve noted two changes in v6.

  1. When first rendering an image in Customizer, there is no longer a text label to indicate this is happening. I forget what it used to say, but there was a small label on the top right of the image.

  2. A bug I encountered often has been fixed — when exporting to an application, and you elect to retain all metadata, PL now reads in that meta data straight away. It used to be, for example, that I would mark a photo with the colour label “green” and then export to application. The resulting file would have the green label, but you had to ask PL to read from the file for it to reflect this in the library view. Now you don’t, it’ll show up with the green label immediately. This was incredibly annoying when my filter was set to only show photos with the green label!

Haven’t tested that yet, but this info can be toggled by pressing “i”.

As for labels…have you activated xmp autosync?

Hello , one problem on my side ! ( 5.13.1 )
Display of presets not effective since the last Update.

Refresh previews of presets no longer display . I tried several sequences of uses to determine a possible root cause, but a priori it is a random bug.

I downgrade to the PhotoLab 5.13.0 app… And it works! :slight_smile: Joy ! All presets are displayed !

I have sent a message to support also … wait and see …

Good to know. Nevertheless, this is what I found: Preset preview not showing since last uptate (Mac) - #2 by platypus

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It’s my own answer … :wink:


When I click on the link, I get this:

Tested on DPL 6.8.1 on macOS 12.6.8 on 5K iMac 2019.

  • Issue with presets that depend on the FilmPack license
  • No issue with presets that can be used without FP license

Same issue with DPL 5.13.1.
No issue with DPL 4.3.6 though.

I then deleted the database and cache files and tested again

  • DPL4: no issue
  • DPL5: some of the FP previews came up, but not all
  • DPL6: none of the FP previews came up

After almost 3 weeks, the release notes are still not updated, the person who takes care of it is still on holidays :laughing:

Well, after all this “massive engagement of DxO workers” in the forums even they might need some holidays :laughing:

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Photolab 5 is still updated ?
This is the first time I see a company which upgrade old versions.
This sounds really strange for me, but it is generous for v5 owners.

Yes PL5 is always updated, I think there has been a drop in users to switch to PL6 and in order not to lose these users DxO hopes to keep them and see them switch to the next versions.

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till v7 is out… so not for long

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I went to see about what has changed and run into this… Site Maintenance

Any idea what could it be?

Updates…for products and/or site appearance.

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Hmm. DxO.com is basically unavailable. Shop.dxo.com is still up. and I can access my account. This is odd and unexpected.


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DxO.com is OK, just now. And there’s an update (6.9) available.

Working from here in sunny France. But I’ve just seen an announcement

It seems OK now.


On Mac it says: New in DxO PhotoLab 6.9

New supported cameras

• Canon EOS R100
• Sony ZV-1 II

Bug fixes
• Minor bug fixes and improvements

New in DxO PhotoLab 6.8.1
Bug fixes
• Minor bug fixes and improvements

On windows it says New in DxO PhotoLab 6.9

New features

• Image stays in “Zoom to fit” when closing the crop tool if this mode was already selected
• “Pick” and “Reject” have now consistent shortcuts in both normal and full-screen mode
New supported cameras

• Canon EOS R100
• Sony ZV-1 II

Bug fixes

• Global RAW White Balance Temperature slider now works properly
• Fixing the crash when transferring image from Lightroom to PhotoLab in specific scenarios
• Fixing incorrect behavior of “Constrain to image” when applying partial presets on an image
• Minor bug fixes

Looks like its another incremental maintenance and bug fixes release with couple of new cameras supported. Perhaps there is a PhotoLab 7 around the corner.