DPL 6 UI still lacking essential features

[Using Windows]


  1. Many of us have requested since years a solo mode (like in Lightroom), especially for the right panel in customize mode which is very cluttered. The solo mode allows all palettes in a given panel to be automatically folded when a palette is unfolded. Still waiting.

  2. The Workspace menu is still missing from the Library mode. This doesn’t make sense. I have explained this multiple times.

  3. I have created a custom workspace where all palettes are folded by default in all categories of the right panel (light, color, etc.). I saved the workspace while all the palettes were folded. When launching a new DPL session, all palettes in all categories are systematically unfolded.

  4. DPL 6 doesn’t seem to remember where I left when closing the previous session and I don’t see any option offering to memorize the state of the UI when quitting.

Saying that this is extremely irritating would be an understatement.

It would be easy to set up, the fold/unfold function already exists, you just have to group them if the option is validated.
@Pat91 Don’t forget to vote yourself

Good requests, but we should be able to vote for them individually. And I know at least the solo mode feature request already exists and has a running vote tally.

Several requests were made and often the DxO team replied that it was in progress, here.

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OK. But all these requests as a whole are heading toward a more consistent UI. Implementing one without the others wouldn’t make much sense. And I consider #3 as a bug anyway.

I still hope that the EA7 members put all the old and often discussed requests on the road.
I have given up and spend my time for important things of life

DPL 6.6 on macOS works as expected here

  • Restarting DPL presents the right sidebar with palettes expanded or collapsed exactly as before quitting DPL
  • Reloading the custom workspace shows palettes open or collapsed exactly as when I had saved the workspace.

Have you tried saving the workspace again and checked if open/collapsed state was kept on workspace reload?

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Yes. I did this multiple times before posting (resaving and reloading the workspace and relaunching DPL). I’ll have a look at the XML workspace file later tonight.

Here’s one for comparison. Different than yours, I suppose.
DPL6 Advanced.dopworkspace.zip (1.8 KB)

Regarding #3 I made the following test :

  1. Switched to the standard workspace, didn’t change anything and saved it as a new workspace named Standard Export.xml.

  2. Folded all palettes in all categories in the right panel and saved the new workspace state as MYWS.xml.

  3. Went to C:\Users<user>\AppData\Local\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 6\Workspaces and compared MYWS.xml and Standard Export.xml. They are strictly identical.

Now to a more interesting part of the test…

In both MSWS.xml and Standard Export.xml, most of the palettes of the right panel that I wanted to be folded by default had their tag set to false. So they should have been folded. Even the Standard Export workspace created from the default Standard workspace has these tags set to false.

So it seems that these tags are merely ignored. I tested on my laptop, same problem.

Time for a bug report, I guess.

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Thanks. Obviously, the workspace XML files for the Mac have a different structure and a different XML vocabulary than the ones for Windows. Surprising. Usually XML is used to unify the storage of data to make them easily transferable to different platforms.

This means that the code for reading and writing workspaces is different for the PC and the Mac. Yet another privileged bug offering for Windows users. Not new.

Can you post one of your workspace files? Just to see what they look like…

When you edit the file and set true instead, does the workspace change then?
I often have to restart DPL twice in order to make some settings stick. Just open → quit → open.

This is the workspace I created starting from the standard workspace and only folding all palettes in all categories of the right panel in Customize mode.

Of course I tried this quickly after I noticed that both files were identical. Absolutely no effect.

Bug report sent.

Had a look at it. While the wording is different, the basic structure is similar, which is to be expected. The differences prohibit exchange of workspace settings between Win and Mac versions of DPL. Nevertheless, DPL (Mac) shows MYWS (with empty docks) and doesn’t crash. Nice! :wink:

Regarding point #3 :

To be more accurate I should mention that the problem I described occurs only when displaying categories, that is when clicking on one of the various icons representing a category tab like Light, color, etc. The main list of palettes displayed by default when selecting a workspace is not affected by the problem and the state of the palettes is correctly recorded when saving the workspace and restored when reloading the workspace.

Patrick, they are ‘hardcoded’ (have nothing to do with your custom/workspace) … but, things could be improved with Solo mode and such.

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OK. Yet another inconsistency in the UI. Well, let it be.

If they only could implement Solo mode and let the Workspace menu live in the Library mode, this would be a big progress. I can’t really understand why they couldn’t code this feature after so many requests and time. I can’t imagine any kind of technical problem about this. If I were the owner of this code and if a customer asked me to implement this Solo mode, I would estimate the development time at a few hours (+ testing). We are here talking about years. The first request for Solo Mode was made 5 years ago. I’m curious about the counter arguments they could present.

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