DPL 5: Local adjustment opens crop rectangle view

I am on DPL 5, latest update.

  • crop an image and click on “Close”
  • click on “Local adjustment” (or other tools in the top menu bar)
  • the local adjustment menu appears but also the full image with the crop rectangle instead of only the cropped image.

Never had that before. Any ideas how to avoid this?


and also, presumably, the Mac version, since you have posted this in the macOS section?

I’m on the Windows version and can only partially recreate what you describe. When I apply a crop then:

  • I only see the full image with crop if, in the top menu bar, I click on the horizon tool any of the perspective tools or the miniature tool.

  • I don’t get the full image with crop rectangle if I try the eye dropper, the repair and red eye tools or the Local Adjustments button.

I can’t say whether or not this is a change in behaviour as I rarely invoke those tools from the top toolbar.

The behavior described by Sigi seems to be logical because you can set anchor points in the cropped area when using the Horizon or perspective tool.

In your screen capture, none of these tools is enabled but at the window bottom, the "Show cropped area " option is enabled :slight_smile:. By the way, I don’t see this option in the Windows version [DPL 7].

Hello Patrick,

I must have been blind - completely missed that.
But the problem is still there to a certain degree. If I click on “Repair” the expected ressult would be to see the cropped image only and not the full image with the cropped rectangle. I do not see any check box enabled here:

If you click on Reset (not Repair) while in Local Adjustments mode, I guess that this resets the local changes only. I can’t say, I don’t have a Mac handy.

In PL6 (Windows) an option to → Show cropped areas
was introduced with improvements to the repair tool (and the all new ReShape tool)

to better enable corrections.

With Perspective corrections (and the Miniature thing) the complete pic is also shown,
but w/o that option.

For the repair tool, the full image is available to allow you to mark the source for a repair from outside of the image area.

Happy New Year @Wolfgang - great minds think alike and thanks for the screenshot.

Oh, and with macOS there is no option to hide/show the cropped area

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This is an option (usefull to put control line pipette where you need for example).

Just unclick the button outlined in red below :