DP PR doesn't finish processing all selected photos

I have nearly 200 photos to put through PR4. But the software stops before it has done them all. I have tried twice, with a different end point each time. The software bars says it would take 2 hours to do Tiffs and JPGs.
What am I doing incorrectly?

2 Hours for 200 photo’s is 36 seconds per photo. Well, I consider that as very fast :grin:
I experienced that sometimes with other software the pc went into the sleep modus. It didn’t see the software running.


Do you mean that originals were TIFFs and JPGs? Or that you set those file types as outputs? Because DPR only works on RAW files.

The inputs were RAW files.
I have used DPR before but never with such a big selection.
I think some setting on my iMac is letting it go to sleep, or the MacOS isn’t aware that DPR is at work.

I’m on Windows. I think, not sure, the the moment the pc goes asleep is when it recieves no input for a while. The running programs are bypassing that moment.
In my case, backing up, the software continued when awakening the pc by hitting anything on the keyboard.


DPR does not seem to tell macOS to stay awake. This is meant to prevent draining the battery with large batches as far as I was told a while ago.

To keep your Mac awake, open Terminal.app and type


and press enter.


terminates the effect again.

Power consumption in general and saving the screen from burning in when its content doesn’t change.


That is the problem. I have in the past left the processing of large numbers by PL to run overnight. This is the first time I have used DP in such a way. There must be some way round the problem as I am not likely to be with my Mac for longer than is necessary to set things going.
I am looking for help in finding that way round the problem.

As @platypus mentioned, you can switch it off. And try it again.


give me link to Platypus’s mention, please

? Post 5


Thank you. I overlooked that response as it was further up the page!