Downside to processing all cameral raws with DxO

I am ver pleased with the results I get our raw a d recently purchased the application. I shoot a bunch of indor volleyball games and by default they are higher iso. Last few times I’ve edited I simply dragged all my camera raws (100s) to DxO, proceed them with deep prime, and imported into Lightroom. Volleyball pics came out great, but I also had 30 or 40 outdoor shots from a church shoot in the set. They looked great as well.

Is there any downside (other than processing time) to a workflow that consists of uploading all camera raws to DxO, processing with deep prime, and importing into Lightroom. … Avoid the overhead of selectively processing chosen imaged from lightroom? Does deep prime impact image quality of low ISO images.


It’s probably the easiest way to do things as you propose.

So far, I’ve found that

  1. DeepPrime has NO negative effects on low iso images
  2. PureRaw produces results that look over-sharpened/processed to me,
    I’d prefer PureRaw to deliver more workable results.
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Just keep in mind, that the DNGs which you get from PureRAW are linear ones. These are not as flexible as the DNGs which still have the raw data inside. For instance, linear DNGs do not benefit of newer ACR versions - concerning the raw data conversion. But this is more a high end problem for nitpickers, like me :blush:

true, but we’d not delete the original raw files anyway and we can then reprocess the images with the newer (and hopefully even better) version of PureRaw. :yum:

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Team. Thanks for all the feedback. My takeaways. Let me know what you think.

I think I want to find a way for rapidly cull photos prior to DxO and Lightroom.

Of keepers I’ll continue to run all through DxO with prime noise reduction and import into Lightroom.

Lastly, keep my original raw keepers to support ACR or DxO raw processing updates

The easiest way is to use Lr for culling. No need to get another piece of software. The process would then be

  1. Let Lr copy new images to the computer, use other functions as needed (copy to backup, write keywords, apply (copyright) presets…)
  2. In Lr, select or reject images, delete rejects
  3. Open DPR and drag selected images on it
  4. In DPR: Process to subfolder
  5. In Lr: Sync the folder, which will import the converted images
  6. Have a cup of tea

Thanks platypus. Drag and drop isn’t supported on the PC. That’s the pain. Thanks said. For what it’s worther to the team . I did find on this broader form a recommendation of “Open Directly” plugin. Allows on PC selection of multiple images, sends the raws to another program and invoces the program. Works great and solves my workflow. Now I can use my existing workflow (culling in LR) and the ability to select multiple images for DxO raw processing from. LR and add the linear dngs back into my catalog. Sharing in case other have the challenge on PC and haddent seen the plugin suggestion. Thanks all

What’s the name of this Plugin?

It’s called “open directly”

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