Download PL3

Hi, I just upgraded to PL4 but unfortunately forgot to archive the PL3.dmg. Where can I download it again? In my account area, only PL4 is available. I still have my license number. So, I’m only searching for a download link

Try here

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thanks, Frank!! :blush:

Just the head up, but once you upgrade you lose your right to use the older version.

That seems true if you want to use the older version on a different machine and what you bought is an upgrade at a reduced price. FWIW, I’m not sure it’s true if you want to keep both versions on the same machine for the same user.

As I said before, I want to have it for reference while trying to get used to the new version. Btw. I suspect, I’ll be able to activeate the old version as the serial number is no longer available in my account because of the upgrade. For my needs, the 30 trial days are enough. My hint for having the serial was meant to show, I don’t want to cheat.
The German support even told me, I can use the old version in parallel on the same computer as long as I don’t start both at the same time, but they don’t recommend it. Unfortunately, I don’t archived it :frowning: and therefor I asked for a download link.