Double click for unfold a folder

In the “Folders” pallets, be able to unfold a folder by a double click as in the Windows explorer.
It already works for discs “C:” “D:” …
It would be easier than clicking on the small triangle.

Double-click to expand a folder works on Mac.

Can a Windows user confirm this to be sure it’s not just me ?

Just tested:
You need to double-click on the yellow folder-symbol.
It doesn’t work, if you just doubleclick on the foldername. (WIN 10)

I agree, it would be easier, if unfolding would work even on doubleclicking the foldername.

When you double-click on foldernam ? or yellow folder symbol ? or blue on Mac ?

thank you – didn’t know that :slight_smile:
and yes, double click on the name like in case of the platter / partition would be easy

@Franky Agreed but double clicking has already been “taken”, or rather single clicking has been “taken” but double clicking has the same effect


It opens the directory (folder) name for editing.

I voted ‘YES’ because I have fallen “foul” of this annoying “feature” many times, i.e. I forget that I need to select that tiny triangle and not the directory name in order to initiate the expansion of the directory!

But the issue of selecting the directory versus detecting the first click as opening the field for renaming needs to be resolved, i.e. detect the first click but do nothing for ? milliseconds, waiting for the second click, or not, to determine the appropriate action!

yes, on foldername.

I confirm double click on folder name expand it for Mac.

I apologise on Win 10 to expand the directory you can single or double click as shown below


Thank you all, I’ll add this to the Win/Mac differences

On Mac, the sidebar shows folders like this
Bildschirm 2022-12-15 um 21.23.14

@platypus on Win 10 they look like this


and the previous diagram showed what happens if you single click on the triangle to open or close a directory and double click on the folder symbol to open or close a directory!

I was also wrong in my original analysis. Single click on the directory name simple marks it as “selected”, double click opens if for editing (renaming) and the next click then selects the point where the editing will take place i.e.
Double or next click on a directory that has already been selected:-
Next click after selection for editing:-

Sorry about my misunderstanding hopefully I have got there in the end!