*.dop V5 <> V6

I, presume that the dop files from v5 and v6 are not compatible?
So, no way back (except via backup)?

.dop files transport settings from older to newer versions only.

If necessary, you can edit the version numbers at the end of a .dop file and a lower version should then read what it can. I’ve done that as a workaround.

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It is dangerous to rely on this working.
Maybe it works with some DOP files but maybe it doesn’t work on all of them.

I’d not rely on editing dop files as a rule, but on Mac, they are nicely structured files that can easily be understood and edited. I found DPL to be quite tolerant, ignoring the parts it does not understand.

The only risk one takes in editing dop files is that one has to manually rewrite the files in the new version - if one has messed up the file completely.

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I was talking specifically about taking a PL6 DOP and editing it to open in PL5.

I’d recommend if you need PL5 compatibility, edit in PL5.