Does the mirrorless world really change everything?

Hi there, I’m an Italian photographer and I had this idea to move from the reflex world (Nikon D7100) to the mirrorless world. I’ve thought about it and because of the cost I’m willing to buy a Z50 with the FTZ adaptor, the 16-50 and the 50-250. This because I’ve always had aps-c camera so all the lenses are lenses for aps-c. What should I do? Wait to buy a mirrorless FF or is it really worth it to buy the Z50?

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It is about the use and development of DxO PhotoLab.

If you need to discuse which camera you need i suggest to visit Dpreview forum
And if you want to use the outstanding optical module and prime denoise of DxO your in the right place.

I don’t know if this is the proper forum for gear question but …

I’m in the same situation with my D7100 which I have exactly 7 years. I personally think Nikon is not just yet there with mirrorless. They are improving focusing system but ‘’a cherry on the cake’’ is still missing regarding eye focus and focus tracking.
Z50 does not ring my bell because it has no IBIS and just 1 card slot. Because I won’t switch brands I will wait Nikon to improve or I’ll just buy DSLR. The sales are falling down these days so they will have to improve or they won’t sell. They will also need to cut prices.
The other thing is the economic crisis we are facing at the moment and it doesn’t look like it will end soon. I personally think it’s not a good time to buy anything these days because we don’t know what will be tomorrow.
I’m patiently waiting because I believe the prices of a new gear will go down and people will also sell good cameras for low prices and I just might get lucky and find used D750 in good condition for low price.