Does the DNG export include the original RAW?

As the title really.

Since PL5 started to support Fuji X-Trans I’ve been going back and forth with DXO PL5 and LR.

At first I was unhappy with PL5s handing of X-Trans in most cases however I feel lately that they are pretty much ‘there’ with just the sharpening being a bit too much in some cases. Easily sorted.

I am currently shooting a lot of early morning wildlife shots and increasingly using higher iso’s to cope with fast shutter speed/aperture limitations of my lens so have been basically dumping the RAF into PL5 and applying the corrections adjusting sharpening etc as needed, applying DeepPRIME and then sending to LR as a DNG for further editing as my workflow is pretty much dialled in with LR at present.

What I have noticed however is that the DNG files are huge. In the region of 90mb (DNG) vs 30mb (RAF).
As I understand it the DNG ‘can’ contain the original RAW file but can also be set to create the DNG without the RAW included.

Is there anyway to prevent DXO PL from including the RAW in the DNG (if of course that is what is happening)?

I’ve checked the settings and not seeing anything tbh and seeing as I back my RAWs up independent of any edit anyway I don’t need the DNGs to include them.


(Sorry. A bit longwinded!)

The answer to your question is no. Please see this article

Linear DNG Explained


Thanks for the link.

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