Does the color profile used in a jpeg impact the effect of any particular film simulation

I tried this with sRGB and Adobe versions of an image and the results seemed to be visibly different. Is this to be exoected?

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Yes, this is expected.

Whether a JPEG with sRGB or Adobe RGB will look different on screen depends on many things.

  • colours present in the image (e.g. high saturation of colours vs. bland appearance)
  • colour management of the computer (e.g. sometimes, CM needs to be turned on in the OS)
  • ability of the screen to display sRGB or Adobe RGB colours (e.g. percentage of coverage)
  • screen calibration (e.g. out of the box monitor vs. carefully calibrated)
  • software used (I assume that we’re talking DxO FilmPack version 7 here)
  • ability of the software to manage colour (e.g. can it do CM and what is the working colour space)
  • settings of the software (e.g. does it apply a default preset)

…but again, differences can be expected.

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It sounds like you might be new to the concept of colour management, in which case I suggest you read these tutorials:


you can also take a look at EIZO Library - Color Management | EIZO ( or starting here Color Management for Creators - Web Browser Edition | EIZO (

have fun