Does the "3 - Neutral Colors" preset also apply lens correction?

I got a new camera (Sony RX100VII) and I an reminding myself how to use DxO PhotoLab 6.3.

Let’s say I click on an image that has no lens correction applied. If I click on the “apply preset” button and then click “3 - Neutral Colors,” should that apply the lens corrections also? All it is doing is applying the color corrections, but I still see the round black edges that are there before lens correction. If I first set it to “1 - DxO Standard” and then “3 - Neutral Colors” it has both the lens corrections and neutral colors, which is how I want it.

Is there any way I can make the default to be neutral colors but also include lens corrections?

Create your own preset with whatever you want in it.


Adding a bit more detail to Joanna’s suggestion …

“1 - DxO Standard” is a full/complete preset … when it’s applied, it overrides ALL correction settings.
“3 - Neutral Colors” is a partial preset … when it’s applied, it overrides only some/specific settings.

So, when you apply “1 - DxO Standard” followed by “3 - Neutral Colors” then you end up with a combination of both presets. Having achieved that, you can now save the result via menu option Image/Create preset from current settings.


You could then manually apply this saved preset - or you could specify (via Edit/Preferences) that it replace DxO Standard as the preset automatically applied to all newly-encountered images.


…you can see what has been applied by activating the switch as shown in the capture below.

…and by expanding the tools that are then shown :wink:


Oh thanks, I didn’t realize that the order mattered. I thought they were all self contained and had all the settings included. I was able to create a custom preset that has everything I want.