Does pure raw get used on all raw files

I have been looking at pure raw and like what I see. I use Lightroom and see that pure raw does a great job. I am wondering if it should or could be used on all raw files before importing to Lightroom.

PureRAW can be used if your gear is supported.

Whether it should be used on all files, depends on how your files react. A few posters found them to get oversharpened, so it might be a good idea to run a few tests with shots taken with different gear, ISO settings and lighting conditions.

PureRAW is best used as the very first application imo, before adding the output DNG files to Lightroom. Please note that output DNG files are about three times as large as the original RAW files, be prepared with loads of storage!

Iā€™d keep the original files for backup, later versions of PureRAW might even be better, or Adobe might pull out a few tricks, one can never know in advance.