Does PL5 support FP5 and NIK3?

Does PL5 Elite work with FP5 Elite and Nik3 ?

I am thinking about updating from PL3 to PL5.

I also have licenses for FP5 Elite and Nik3. After testing the trials of FP6 and Nik5 I don’t think I need those latest versions. That’s the reason for asking if the latest PL5 Elite is compatible with those older add ons.

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The 30-day trial can show you what’s possible.

In DPL5,

  • enter the FP5 license key (look for the respective menu item) and
  • check the box to add the Nik Collection button.

Thanks, that did the trick.
On my system PL5 trial works with FP5, VP3 and Nik3.

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PhotoLab 6 will be released in a bit more than a month. Probably during the third week of October. I would wait for that release before purchasing. If you purchase PhotoLab 5 now you might have to pay an additional upgrade charge if you want to upgrade to PhotoLab 6. I believe in order to get a free upgrade to PhotoLab 6 from PhotoLab 5 you have to have owned version 5 for no more than a month before the new version is released.



Thanks, good to know :+1:

The Nik collection 3 and FilmPack 5 should continue to work just fine with PhotoLab 6. There are several useful new features in FilmPack 6 Elite, but if they are not useful for you there is no reason to upgrade.


Apart from the Nik Collection, all other DxO apps can be trialed - without destroying already installed DxO apps.

I have PL5 and FP3, they work as expected.

I don’t have Nik3 but I do have Nik1 however I’ve never tried to use Nik1 within PL5, I only ever use Nik1 (and then only really SilverEfex) as a plugin to Affinity Photo.

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I used to have PhotoLab 5 and FilmPack 5 together (on a sale I did upgrade to FilmPack 6, which was not necessary, I was feeling generous). Nik v3 runs just fine from PhotoLab 5. From what I can see, more reliably than Nik v4 or Nik v5. On an M1 Mac, Nik v3 just stays in its lane as a Rosetta app and works. Sadly, it looks like DxO removed a bunch of compatibility in Nik v4/v5.