Does PhotoLab 5 have native Apple Silicon support?

There is no specific mention anywhere about PL5 having native support for Apple Silicon as a new feature! Deep Prime which leverages the GPU the blurbs state “optimized processing times: up to four times faster on an Apple Silicon Mac” which states nothing about running everything else natively and just eludes to optimizing their GPU code.

If there is truly still no support in PL5 for running native on Apple Silicon, then I certainly reconsider whether or not I want to upgrade as Deep Prime is not the only thing that PL5 does!


DXO ohne Apple? Kein M1 Universal, kein Apple RAW?? :-1:


I agree, it is a real shame that it appears native M1 optimization is not for all areas of the application.

Photolab is indeed used by many people who do not use DeepPrime a lot (myself included, but I must say that DeepPrime is an invaluable tool when I need it - it really is incredible).

I’d love an image to be rendered more quickly when I zoom in to 100% to check focus, for example. Or for even quicker rendering of changes to the image when I shift an editing slider. Or improved export speeds.

Basically any speed improvement in any area of the app is always going to be welcome. At the moment it does feel Photolab could perform more quickly on the M1 hardware I have.

I have just updated to v5 though (not installed it yet), I wish to support DxO as I think it is an excellent product and I hope that M1 support for DeepPrime is just the start of the code optimization process. My fingers are crossed that M1 optimization across the entire app will arrive as an update before v6 ships in approx 12 months time!!!


It is beginning to seem to me that they have no intention of creating a fully native Apple silicon version.

And it certainly has nothing to do with the Qt framework they are using as I have multiple apps from embedded development tools to other photo tools that have built M1/Apple silicon versions of their app using the Qt framework.

Because of the increased price in the new version and the lack of native M1 support, unless DxO comes out and says otherwise (which they seem to be completely quiet about), it may be time for me to start evaluating other RAW processors.


Sorry, but I am in error about the Qt framework usage but I stand by the rest.

Why they are not doing an Apple silicon build is beyond me. After all, they had to have tested on an M1 Mac to make some of the claims so I see that is not any limitation.

I have both PhotoLab4 and PhotoLab5. In the info for both apps, it says Intel (not Universal), and there is no provision for Rosetta. Plus, when I edit in PhotoLab, I have to Restart my computer before I can run FirstAid in DiskUtility. To say the least, I expected more from DXO.

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I have had no such issue with PL4 with M1 MacBook Air 8 GPU version. Using PL4 does not effect anything else in my system, while using or after using.

Do you have any AV, cleanup, or speed up apps installed? Sounds like symptoms on ac associated with such stuff.

Ich bin nach dem DXO-Desaster zu Adobe gewechselt. Apple RAW ist schon länger in Lightroom CC möglich. Die Software ist schnell und universal. Warum schläft DXO? :thinking:

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