Does Nik 6 work with Zoner Photostudio X?

Hello! Considering buying the latest version of Nik and need to know if it is compatible as plug-ins to Zoner PhotoStudio X? Any help is greatly appreciated? Anyone using like that? Thank you.

they are the one you should ask.

you can also check there:

Thank you Mikerofoto. I do have the question into them as well. I read that chart you linked and unfortunately, it doesn’t make it past the programs that begin with an “A”. Thanks for the reply though.

I don’t remember many mentions of Zoner in the forum and you might want to search the forum for references.

As far as official suppirt goes, the Nik collection is pretty much focused on Adope Photoshop, Lightroom and DxO PhotoLab. Nik Collection might work with other apps, but in case you need it, support might be limited. If you still want to use the Niks with Zoner, I propose you download the trial and test it before deciding ob wheter to buy or not. Also test the Niks as standalone apps., which makes them independent of any plugin implementation that could break your workfliw with any given update.

So far, DxO has published new major (payable) version on a yearly basis, but you can keep the version you bought a license for, and you can use it as long as it is running on your OS and with your apps.

Thank you! I have lucked out and found that any Nik version with a .8bf file for each program in the suite, can be used in Zoner to make an extension. Appreciate the help. Please consider this a closed thread.