Does it work

Hi, does the A brush work for you ? each time i use it i spend as much time to erase selected areas that shoudn’t than using the normal brush…
For instance, i wanted to select the background to blur it a little more. But the a brush is selecting partly the inside of the robin.
Moreover i think something to indicate selected areas by the a brush could be a good function. I do it manually by decreasing luminosity at the moment.

Thanks for advice

Now you can invert the mask.
In your case, use the Auto brush on the bird.

This is what I got with an inverted mask (mask bird, the invert)

And with reduced micro contrast

Update: Did a second test with more changes. The sidecar file goes with the jpeg of the original post.

_1078804_DxO.jpg.dop (385.2 KB)


Could you try it with the saturation slider set to as low as possible? That way it’s easy to see which areas are affected.

Invertmask and autobrush is now one of the issues of not having a cleanup command in the original modes.
If you invert then the mask has a non used area which was original the autoselection area.
It doesn’t invert the autoselection area in the same way.

So we need a cleanup command so we can see the really selected area, and then you can manual add more or eraze mask.
Then do a invert which is close to same edge inverted.

Until then automask without manual clean up has no good effect with invert command, you need to rebrush the inverted mask to the original wanted edge.


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Hi Thanks Corros

However, in the case of this picture, as there are some grey areas in the bird, saturation slide is not so reliable to my mind

Thanks Platypus and Pierre
It is better with bird and then invert, but did you do some cleaning in the bird selection ? I have always some parts that are not selected and when i try to select them with the a brush by zooming, then some part of the background is selected event if the inner circle didn’t touch it

no, I just painted over the bird and inverted the mask, which you can see in the screenshot.

Meanwhile, I did a second version and included the sidecar, so that you can see what I did. If you want to use the sidecar, You’ll have to use it on the posted image, I suppose that it will not fit on the original raw… The bird has a bit more punch on here, in DPL, it is a bit too overcooked for my taste.

The background above and left of the bird is really busy, so I tried to stay close to the bird when I drew the mask. Also tried a second mask to further blur the background (duplicate the inverted bird mask) but the gain was not worth it.

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Yes i use this methode always.
If you use auto brush and desaturation or blacklevel you get a siluette max you can outline the active mask and clean up before inverting.