Does it matter where we (EA members) post new Requests?

We now have;

DxO PhotoLab … Which feature do you need? … which, I assume(?), is accessible by anyone on this forum.

  • AND

DxO PhotoLab - Early Access … Requests … which, I assume(?), is accessible only by EA members.

Question: Now that both sub-categories have voting rights, does it matter to which sub-category we EA members post our suggestions/requests? … Does, perhaps, the EA-member area carry more weight ??

Regards. John M


Hello @John-M,

Well, you can use your votes at any section.

About this one “DxO PhotoLab - Early Access … Requests” - it will be better if you use this category for the suggestions concerning the improvements of the features you are testing and which are not known for the public users.

For all the other general requests (new features you want to appear in PL) you can use the public section.

Svetlana G.

Yes - That makes good sense … Thank you, Svetlana.

You are always welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing article and information.