Does DXO PL5 read Lightroom's xmp files

I am leaving Lightroom and will not have a working copy on this computer. I am migrating 65k+ RAW files from another older computer that does have LR (it does not work on my new Mac mini) and I will export all its .xmp files. When DXO reads the RAW file from my Finder will it also read the attached sidecar .xmp files containing keywords, star ratings and color tags? I know it won’t read LR adjustments and I don’t need it to.

There is a previous topic back in 2018 that asks this question but only talks about FastRawViewer which I’ve never heard of and doesn’t at all address Adobe xmp files mentioned in the topic title.

Thanks for responding.

It should read everything except the color tags. Would you like to upload a sample RAW+XMP, that contains everything, here for one of us to try?

Or you could download the 30 day free trial for yourself.

I was rereading these posts since I’ve gone with DXO. I have to wonder why DXO does not include color tags since stars and color tags are universal in sidecar files. Also, in LR I had Smart Collections that included color tags as a parameter. Now I can’t reproduce those unless I find all the images first and then assign a unique keyword to further define a Project. Is there a workaround?