Does DxO create a barrel distortion?

Since 3 months, I have a strength barrel distortion on my pictures developed by DxO.
The camera jpeg is OK, the draw visualised in the finder or in DxO is OK but the jpeg developed by DxO has a strong barrel distortion.

camera raw
camera jpeg
DxO jpeg

This appeared recently ; I have shot 50000 pictures with this lens and 10000 with the camera.
I would have noticed…

My questioning :

  • it could be a problem with the lens ; I encountered one among 10000 pictures with a lens element having its own life for just one picture, but the anomaly appears on RAW ans camera jpeg.
  • it could be DxO that applies a correction, but why…
  • I use my own preset and have compared with a standard preset : same result.

Please, could you make a test on your computer?

I cannot download your files.

There was “https//” perfidy inserted when pasting ; sorry for the mess !
camera raw
camera jpeg
DxO jpeg

the links still don’t work

I hope this time will be the good one…
camera raw :
camera jpeg :
DxO jpeg :

With a comparison

Seems to me that you might have the ‘Distortion’ panel disabled or set to manual with some strange settings.
Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 7.01.42 pm

Here is the panel


What I see when I am in DxO
image The picture has no distortion
when I click on image

  • if reference picture without geometry, the picture has distortion
  • if reference picture with geometry, the picture has no distortion

What seems to be happening is that none of the optical corrections are being applied to the JPG version and, presumably, this is the image you are exporting to create the _DxO.jpg export.

Have you downloaded the JPEG lens module as well as the RAW module?

What I am seeing for the RAW…

What I am seeing for the JPG…

But I had to apply the corrections manually to the JPG

You can also apply the distortion correction like this…

Of course ; as I wrote, I have processed tenths of thousand pictures!

Probably but why ?
What settings to verify ?
I have made some tests on older pictures : no anomaly.
I am dry…
have run a test on my picture ? If you have Elite version, you can get the module for lens.body.

[quote=“Joanna, post:8, topic:28512”]
What I am seeing for the RAW…

[/quote]I have the same ; that means that the specific module is used:


Il n’y a pas besoin de t’énerver avec moi :wink:

All I can tell is that, because my default import preset for JPGs is no corrections…

… nothing was applied but, as soon as I applied the « Corrections Optiques seules » preset, the three corrections were applied.

@sgospodarenko can you alert someone to look at this?

Downloaded the source RAW file, corrected distortions (and perspective) and exported to JPEG, which shows straight lines as expected.

Note that I’ve disabled all automatic things like Fuji-specifics in the settings.

The source JPEG file shows straight lines and they don’t change, unless I dial in some manual distortion corrections.

Would you believe, I hadn’t noticed that? I must have got confused with the export version.

I find exactly the same.

No problem here too → PL5.5.0_4770 (Win).

  1. downloaded the raw-file and camera-jpg and applied both DxO-profiles;
    tested w/ my standard setting
    Screen Shot 09-30-22 at 12.43 PM

    #1 M = DxO Standard
    #2 VC = manually No correction
    #3 M = No correction
    #4 VC = manually DxO Standard

  1. tested in reversed order
    Screen Shot 09-30-22 at 02.22 PM

    #1 M = No Correction
    #2 VC = DxO Standard
    #3 M = DxO Standard
    #4 VC = No correction

So, in any case the DxO-jpg-profile didn’t alter the in-camera corrected jpg-file.

@be51 – maybe you try again w/ a fresh folder

Thank you all for your test and answers.

I made many more tests.
On my old MBP, with PL4 or 5.1.1, no distortion.
I transferred the dop file on my new MBP, relaunch and reprocess : I have always distortion.
Probably an issue with DxO but what to do ?
I update PL5 to 5.5 version on my old MBP : no distortion.
I verify the version : it is 5.3 => I update to 5.5 and it is now OK.
I verified also on other recent picture where I noticed the issue with geometric lines* : OK.

I am relieved though I lost very much time and I would like to hear DxO about that issue…
I don’t know the lifetime of the 5.3 version ; upgrading to a higher version has probably occurred during my absence ; I feel it is a bug introduced by 5.3…
How many hundredth pictures I will have to reprocess ?

  • it is difficult to see the distortion on grass but I frequently compare build-in and DxO and I can see the difference.

my updates

Thanks, I will search pictures developed since 15/06.