Does anyone use TourBox Neo with PhotoLab?

Will there be possible to use PhotoLab together with TourBox Neo (or the never variant that soon will be on sale)?!

Many photo editing programs work great with toolbox Neo (like Adobe’s programs) and I think it would be a lovely tool for me if there was a PL preset!

All well to you all in 2022!

Hi Tord,

the german FAQ at TourBox FAQ ( says
“As long as a software uses keyboard shortcuts, you can use Tourbox to simplify their input”

Keyboard shortcuts can be found at the end of the user guide

…or in here:
PL5_KB_ShortkuZZ.pdf (52.8 KB)

Why are there not keyboard commands for every tool/correction? The ones in the manual are basically administrative.

Almost two years have past after the first request came up: is there still no DxO preset for the Tourbox (Neo) available?

I just started using DxO PhotoLab 7 and created a basic TourBox (Elite) Preset to meet my requirements. This was a game changer for me. It took a little time to create but is simple and something anyone can do using the DxO Keyboard shortcuts list and TourBox Console. You are welcome to download and make modifications as needed.

Many of us here have been asking (begging) DxO to define consistent keyboard commands for PL so that we can use alternate keyboard and accessibility tools.

As with so many other requests, not even the courtesy of a negative response. Silence. Crickets.

Very sad to read, as I am very sattisfied with DxO Photolabs. I would like to use my TourBox with PL too.

Thanks for your reply, but I am using a Windows setup, so your file won’t work with me.

The newest release of the Tourbox software contains a DxO preset.
At this moment my tourbox software freezes when attempting to import the preset, but it is a move foreward :wink: Hopefully the freezing will be gone with the next update.