Does anyone use a color chart

During the lockdown I have been learning video editing. I use Davinci Resolve.

For correcting/matching/balancing colours many people work with colour charts. Color Checker is a good brand. I bought two and they work well. There are masses of YouTube videos showing ways of using them with the Resolve software. In fact I have learnt more about colour correction since March 20 (lockdown day) than I ever learnt working with DxO.

I find it odd that nobody (according to Google and this forum) seems to use this sort of chart with DxO.

Any suggestion ?

London UK

It’s stunning that DR16 is freeware… I use it also for 4k editing and it’s great…:grinning:

About your question, it feels a bit odd to place colorcheckers in snapshot moment’s which is 90 % of my images. So i don’t have one.
Studio work or set work i think it’s mandatory to create a form of continuity in WB.

I have found that xRite have a PC prog that will create an ICC profile from a shot of a color chart.

However, it needs to work from a TIFF. Clearly that TIFF needs to be clean of any ‘corrections’. Does anyone know the safest way to make DxO create such a TIFF. I assume you turn off Smart Lighting and Clearview. Is the automatic camera profle going to cause problems? Naturally one can’t touch the WB setting. Any other comments on how to get the least modified TIFF?

Hello Tony,

What you have to do is unselect the automatic correction. “No Correction”
Simple as that :slight_smile:

I use a color checker from time to time, using

DPL can then use these dng (.dcp file type) profiles. I store profiles in a folder
that is reachable from all user accounts I have on my Mac (Admin, Prod, Test)

Sometimes I use a Spydercube or a spydercheckr, but very seldom

Thanks Jules.

I did not see it in the profiles when I first looked.

Thanks again.