Does anyone else on a Mac see DXO PL 5 changes preview update much faster for portrait images?

This is an idle curiosity, but, I’m running PL5 on an M1 Mac Studio. It generally runs great. I mostly use it to process Canon RAW CR2 and CR3 files. When I make adjustments to the corrections on landscape orientation photos, it takes around 3 sec before I see the change applied to the preview of the picture. Which is kind of a hassle if I’m trying to get the color balance right, or make other adjustment repeatedly. But the weird thing is, when I’m working on a portrait orientation image (maybe 5% of my pictures), the changes appear in the preview in less than a second. I wish it happened that fast on the landscape photos! Same resolution, same camera. Has anyone else noticed this? Very curious about it.

Welcome to the forum @mmach999

Haven’t had such an effect on a M1 MacBook Air, no matter if I run it with macOS Monterey, Ventura or Sonoma.

Earlier versions of DPL5 have not been adapted to Apple Silicon processors and require DPL to run on Rosetta. Nevertheless, I don’t remember such drastic differences.

Please let us know which versions of DPL5 and macOS you use.
If you like, you could add a link to a share with two files that show the effect on your Mac.