Docked image browser height in photolabrary resets


I have set a personalized height for the docked image browser in the photolibrary. This height does not remain and is replaced by another height each time I switch to the Customize tab and back to the photolibrary tab.
This only happens when the Customize tab image browser is hidden when I switch back to the photolibrary tab. How can I keep my photolibrary image browser height ?
Thank you.

Browser configuration differs between the two modes, photolibrary and Customize.
You need to adjust the height in each mode.


Thank you.
This behaviour looks like a little UI bug.

Bugs are errors that occur when functionality works differently than they were designed to work and cause unexpected problems as a result. The difference in image browser sizing between the library and customized mode is not a bug but a design decision. It may not be a good design decision, but it’s not a bug.


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I thought I was missing a setting somewhere but as time goes by I’m not sure.

In the PhotoLibrary tab I set an image browser height.

Now I go to Customize tab and drag the image browser all the way down.

Back to the PhotoLibrary tab. I expect the browser height to stay the same as it was when I left the PhotoLibrary tab some seconds ago. That’s not the case.

I can reproduce the issue, but only if the thumbnail part of the PhotoLibrary module contains only a few images (e.g. 3)…but the thumbnail part collapses instead of extending like you show in the screen captures. If there are more thumbnails (e.g.60), there is no change of size. With thumbnails in not quite two lines, the light table part collapses when the image in the lower row is shown with less than half of its hight approx.

Looks like a bug (or weird logic) indeed @Musashi

DPL 6.9 on macOS 12.6.8 on 5K iMac 2019

I suppose, in theory, the browser window is generally expected to be used as a full sized image browser…

Whereas, the customise window is only meant to show one line of thumbnails…

I just tried setting the browser with about 50% of the height and found it returned to exactly the same position, however many times I changed from browser to customise and back again…

Personally, I never split the browser view.

Same here, but when I did to test the issue mentioned in this thread, I found that the separator can move indeed. Btw, double-click on the separator to position it ± halfway vertically.


If you never split the PhotoLibrary what is your way to select your photos starting with vignettes (framing, sharpness or depth of field…)?
Thank you

Thanks for testing.
DPL 6.9 and 6.9.1 with macOS 13.5.1

double-click on the separator to position it ± halfway vertically

If I double-click on the separator either the browser hides or it opens again where it was.

If I want a split view, as I have mentioned before, then I use the Customise view, which shows one line of vignettes, otherwise I use the browser window as just vignettes.

What do you do that makes you think you need such a split view?

Re-testing, I found that the double-click does as you write, @man-d … and maybe the pattern has changed over different versions of DPL.

DPL 6.9.1 seems to have changed the pattern again: (4.6 MB)

I’m not sure if I need a split view or not. Before you posted your screenshot I didn’t realize I could just have the vignette wall. If I remember well at first start of the software the PhotoLibrary was split as it is shown in the manual.
I’m looking for the best way to do my keep or reject work.

No matter what one’s needs or wants are, the separator should stay put imo. There is a slight difficulty with it though: What should be the measure that is fixed? The upper or lower parts in absolute pixel dimensions or relative to viewer hight? Today, it seems to be a mix of lower part in absolute and relative size. Reduce window hight and increase it again. This will change to split view in a setup like @Joanna’s

I have just carefully checked what happens when resizing the growing view.

It tries to maintain the height of the vignette from when you set that height.

If you make the overall window small and then try to fill the browser with just the vignettes, as soon as you increase the window height, the single preview part starts to appear in an attempt to maintain the height of the vignette part.

If you make the overall window height as large as it can be, before dragging the divider to the top, no matter then how you reduce or increase the height, the vignettes view continues to stay filling the window.

So, it would seem that it always tries to remember the height from the bottom of the window when resizing the window.

As long as you set the splitter position to the top when the overall window is at maximum height, you should not see any change when resizing and the single preview part should stay hidden.

…this does not happen on my Mac. When I pull down the top edge and push it up again, the single preview reappears. I find this to be fairly annoying.

If I start with a window, which is less than the height of the screen, and the split part way down, Resizing the window from the bottom maintains the height of the vignettes part but alters the height of the single image preview…

But, if I ensure that the window is the maximum possible height before pushing the splitter to the top, the vignettes part will maintain the full height of the window, even when the bottom of the window is resized to full height…

Does that concur with your findings?


When and only when the browser from the Customize tab is closed and the Photolibrary browser height is less than the half of the window it looks like the photolibrary browser height resets to the half of window height. I mean by the half of the window : exactly to the height where the little gray dot from the side panels are.

I cannot reproduce the behaviour you are finding, even, as @platypus suggests, with only three images in the vignette part.

I wonder if this helps in understanding why behaviour might be different between the two views?

In the Library view, the “leading” part of the split view is the multi-row vignette panel, and the single image view adjusts to whatever space is left.

However, in the Customise view, the single image view is the “leader” and the vignette panel is only ever a single row with a maximum height.

It looks like there might be a glitch somewhere but, if it is not 100% reproducible on multiple computers, I can see it being hard to track down.

In the meantime, try using the browser as a full-window browser only and double-click on a vignette if you want to examine it more closely in the Customise view.

I know it’s not a perfect solution but, until someone can consistently find the point of failure, it might have to remain as it is :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

3 or hundred more images, it’s the same behaviour here.

A single row with a maximum height and kind of vignette minimum height if I drag down the separator with care. It feels to me like a step before the browser hides entirely. Also vignettes are displayed in full height landscape or portrait mixed so with respect of the browser global height limitations I can set whatever I need for the vignettes and they remain displayed in full. Clean.

Yeah maybe not perfect but there’s a condition for the glitch to be reproducible for me : the browser must be hidden in the edit tab. Not a big issue after all.

In library mode, with the browser in full height and the bigger vignettes, I can do a first and quick pass if needed. Or/and just keep not so tiny vignettes in 1 row and get an image preview with acceptable dimensions.
Regarding that preview it allows to get a 100% zoom when double-clicking on it and back to the previous state when double-clicking again. I like that because with keyboard shortcuts (7, 8 and 9) and the mouse in the other hand it feels good. But why the double-click to get the 100% view ? Anyway let’s have a break.

Thank you for your time.