Dock Histogram to the right

Ok then.

Maybe I am just being stupid but can I dock the histogram to the right side with all the editing palettes and specifically above the ‘basic’ tools (exposure/selective tone etc) if it can only be in one spot at any given time but ideally how LR works and have it present at all times on the right.

For various reasons I’m stuck using a 13" MacBook Pro so like to close the left ‘dock’ where the Histogram currently resides and would prefer also to not have it ‘floating’.

Can it be done?

Yes - just drag the Histogram palette from the LHS to where you want it on the RHS, then use the Workspace / Save menu option to save this workspace, giving it a name and then PL will remember your selected Workspace when you next open it.



Was initially about to come back and say ‘nope’ doesn’t work until I realised it was because I use the "Basic’ workspace and not the ‘Advanced’ one.

In a way it doesn’t though it still doesn’t, or at least not how I would like and tbh to me feels almost a work around.

I actually like the ‘Basic’ workspace and workflow.
Having to move to the ‘Advanced’ workspace and its less than polished look (subjective and obviously not a ‘real’ issue just feels ‘messy’.

However thank you for getting my brain looking in the right place!

And incase anyone like me is having a daft moment. This only works if you are using the DxO Advanced Workspace.
However the moment you select any of the icons such as light you lose said User workspace until calling it back up via the Workspaces.
Not the end of the world of course but still something to be aware of.

If you click the “light” button a second time your preferred workspace will return.

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Unfortunately doesn’t always work for me.
I have been having a few
Issues with DPL5 lately however so a DB delete and full reinstall might be on the cards.

Unzip the file and put the workspace file into ~/Library/Application/Support/DxO…/Workspaces/ folder.
Basic Histo (1.4 KB)

Reopen DPL5 and select the new workspace in customize view.
The new workspace is like the DxO Standard workspace - with the histogram in the right sidebar.

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Cheers. Will give that a try when back at the Mac in a few days.


you can rearrange PL with user palettes → Tone Curve 2, Light 2

I moved everything else (useful) to the extended screen. →

Oh, good idea to put histogram and tone curve just under it on the left side.
I’m going to steal this setup from you !

Please note. This reduces the space dedicated to the main viewer.
The goal is to display the image as often as possible at 75% or even 100%.

Yes, of course.

Iis there a way to undock the main window (which shows the photo being edited) to put it on a different screen than palettes (for those working with dual screen - so I think about everybody working in graphic computer domain) ?

Didn’t found how to do this (if possible ?). It should be a must have feature for this kind of software, isn’t it ?

Yes, of course :wink:


Thanx ! I needed that since a while !!! (Maybe I’m too lazy to read again a user manual I thought I had covered … long time ago) :woozy_face:
Will have a look at it now.

Ah, ok.

@Pieloe Not as good as I thought :

  • Have to undock each palette one by one and make them floating … (So far, why not …)
    And have to organize them with no way to make them automatically stick each other. (Not that good).

  • When doing this, if I put palette on the second screen near from the edge (not overlapping the first screen, but near from the edge), it jumps back into photolab interface. (No good).

  • And I didn’t succeed in doing this because twice I tried, and twice photolab crashed when trying to organize palettes on the second screen. I sent twice automatic bug report. (Very bad).

  • So there is no way to undock the main window, isn’t it ? Am I wrong ?

Seems a little bit outdated … And very bugged.

Win10 - I7 - GTX3080Ti (driver 472.47 wich works fine with every GPU intensive application I’ve got - And I’ve got several …).

Disables (momentarily) the full screen mode in order to touch the edge of the second screen.
I have to complete the tutorial.

Sure … Not so much


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Thanx. Will try that.

I thought I knew everything about the PhotoLab 5 interface (not all of the tools of course, PhotoLab 5 is a deep program). I was wrong.

I knew about the left and right docks, and about undocking the browser into a second window, but hadn’t realised the other palettes could float. That’s a game changer in a positive way as I can stash the exif editor on another monitor where text is bigger, making it easier to read and edit. I can also move my histogram and curves off, meaning I only use the right palette. I tried moving the right palette away but that puts the tools too far away.

It does mean three tabs to cycle visibility:

  • tab one: main window palettes disappear
  • tab two: undocked palettes disappear
  • tab three: all palettes come back

Not sure if I’ll prefer this setup but it certain leaves a lot more options in terms of getting more image in the main monitor. Thanks Pascal.

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Thanks Pascal - it’s bugged me for some time that I couldn’t seem to place the floating palettes close to the left hand edge of my second monitor without them jumping back to the primary screen.

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