Do you use PhotoLab to process JPG or TIFF files?

The software is capable of processing such files, but without the power it offers with RAW files. The question to those who do use it with JPG and TIFF, what’s the benefit over using your favorite raster/bitmap editor?

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No, for my tiff files (after exporting from PL) I am using Affinity Photo (though I have and occasionally use other programs).

One benefit for me is that I don’t have to change my thought process very much. But I really like PhotoLab’s toolset. ClearView Plus, Smart Lighting, FilmPack and ViewPoint modules… the majority of tools work just as well with JPEG and TIFF images, notwithstanding the limitations of the files themselves. Naturally, I tend to make more adjustments when I work with RAW. The JPEGs I edit usually come from my phone, while TIFFs come from other editing applications or even PhotoLab itself (for color corrections, local adjustments, or even clone/heal in blank areas of the canvas).

No. I only do basic adjustments in Photolab to RAW files and then export as DNG to ACR and then Photoshop where I save as layered TIFFs. I only use JPG for output to web etc.

Yes to both.

No problem with JPEG files - I like the results I get.

I also work with TIFF files scanned from 4" x 5" negatives

Here is such file with pixel dimensions of 8879 × 11090 and a file size of 394MB



My first choice is DxOPL.
For all files , jpeg, tiff, rawfiles, and now dng.
If i am struggling to find result i am looking for i use other applications.
(my level of knowlegde in practising dxopl is much higher then the others which have much less “screentime” so i deviate less and less.


First i employ the dXo PL ,corrections /local adjustments etc …i send the" tiff" to other SOFT like Portrait pro or Affinity pro ( layers) (Pano) or Luminar 4… for extras .

Why the choice Tiff ? it is 16 bits so i ll preserve the color depth .
rem Like Joanna I have a 4 X 5 inches Plaubel , i have to buy now a Scanner ,accessories to develop (in 2D hand or new )…Developping tank etc … sooo i need time !!
I have a D750 ,Z6 a lot of Nikon lenses .A serial filters Black promist ( ) and GRAD 's in 4 " with a compendium .
When i was young i have spend time and time in dark room now i m retraited ,we have the opportunity to work with a lot of software ,for me DXO PHL is the best …
IF a Nikon with “pixel shift” is coming in future ill take it !

ANSEL Adams n’est pas loin…

I also use PhotoLab 4 for Tiff and Jpeg files.