Do we need PL to use FP?

Hi, I’m demoing PL5 and FP6, and wanted to know if I need PL5 installed to use FP6. Given that I use a Adobe LR+PS workflow and Fujifilm ILC system, and PureRaw not yet having X-Trans support, I’m wondering if when buying PL5 and FP6 today, and PR later when X-Trans will be supported, I’m not simply buying the same processing engine 3 times…

Thank you!

FilmPack is installed as a standalone app, but is integrated into PhotoLab as well if PhotoLab is installed.

FP6 adds substantial functionality to PL5 and can provide enough functionality to completely avoid using PS/Lr/etc. On the other hand, there is no point in getting PureRaw unless you don’t plan on getting PL5, since all PR functionality is included in PL5.

Essentially, If you want to continue using PS/Lr, converting RAW files into TIFF/PSD files, then go for FP6 and PR. But that will mean considerable sending of TIFF files between all the relevant apps.

Whereas, PL5 and FP6 offer a complete, all-in-one, solution that takes a RAW file, allows it to be processed non-destructively and then allows you to only create TIFF/JPEG/DNG files as and when they are needed, rather than for every image you want to process.


Thank you, yes, I’m aware of the workflows. I just wanted to know if FP6 would work with X-Trans raw files even if PL5 is not installed on the computer, and if the processing quality (end result) would the same. Sorry if I misworded my question!

you may check here if your cam is supported

and try before buy → DxO FilmPack 6 - Shop (black friday deal)

Well, I just opened a file from an X100F without any problem

Thank you, as I mentioned in my initial post, I’m currently evaluating the demo versions. It’s just not entirely clear how the products overlap and how to integrate them in my workflow.

For the time being, Lightroom will remain my central hub for managing, adjusting, exporting and printing my photographs. I’m impressed by the Noise reduction and X-Trans demosaicing of PL5. Some of my images could certainly benefit from these algoritms. So I thought, like it’s said on the DXO website, that I could then use PureRaw to produce DNG’s that I would then develop as usual in Lightroom. I demo’d the FilmPack as well, and it’s great: I could use it sometimes for a specific look. That can easily be done from within Lightroom too. But PR doesn’t support X-Trans: PL5 and FP6 do. However FP6 doesn’t have Deep prime. So it’s all a bit semi-overlapping. Hence my question.

Well, PL5 is a complete development solution which can do everything Pure Raw does, but without its restrictions (talking about adjusting sharpness etc → Oversharpening - #57 by Marie)

If you decide for PL5, I suggest to get the Elite version bundle with ViewPoint 3 and FilmPack 6
→ 50% Black Friday deal. It doesn’t keep you back from using LR. :slight_smile:

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Good advice. You’ll get hooked on the PhotoLab image quality Dirk and will gradually not want to use anything else. PhotoLab is not worth owning except in the Elite version and with FilmPack Elite (Fine Contrast which is the PhotoLab secret sauce in most of their “AI” image improvement algorithms). You can pass on ViewPoint if you don’t do keystone corrections but sooner or later you’ll miss it.

Yes, IQ is really great with my Fujifilm X-Trans files. There are some bugs that need to be adressed though, I’m in touch with the good people from DXO about some of them. Fuji support is still beta so stuff needs to be ironed out :wink:

I’ll probably go for that package. But I will continue to use LR/PS: I’ve a 100.000 images in the catalog and am constantly using it. And not all my images need superior NR or pixel-peep worthy details. Viewpoint isn’t really neccesary, LR provides keystoning and I’m not that much of a wide shooter. I have yet to compare the DXO output to CaptureOnePro (I have a licence too) but I’ve never liked C1’s rendering (I know why, I’ve done really in-depth testing): but TBH, I don’t need to compare side-by-side to know that I will prefer DXO’s output.

FP6 or FP5?

I used FP6