DNG support for files generated by Monochrome2DNG

I have a Sony A7RII that was converted to monochrome that I can use for infrared or normal black and white photography. The Bayer filter array was removed, so it should have increased resolution. There is a Windows programs called Monochrome2DNG that processes the raw files and creates a monochrome DNG file that I can open in either Lightroom or Raw Therapee, but I would prefer to use PhotoLab as I do for color images.

It would be great if you could support reading these DNG files.

I would be happy to supply sample files if you need them.

Jonathan Sachs
Digital Light & Color

I’d even go a step further: DPL should be able to open all of the most important image file formats, no matter what application they come from.

Welcome Jonathan

You have to vote for your proposal :wink:

We regularly update Exposure to support RAW files from the latest cameras. However, older cameras may not be supported. In situations where Exposure can’t process a particular format, a useful workaround is to convert to DNG myprepaidcenter activation