DNG (or other unsupported files) Feature Request(s)

As I understand it, PhotoLab does not support DNG from most phones… not particularly PLEASED about that… but understood. To alleviate this shortcoming, I have the following suggestion:

Since you are obviously SHOWING us the DNG within PhotoLibrary… how about NOT GREYING OUT the options to send to an external program that actually DOES support the DNG?

For example, I have Luminar NEO and multiple other applications that will happily open the DNG – which I could then export to TIF (if I so desire) and then continue in PhotoLab… but the options to send to external editor do not exist.

My workaround currently is to open file location… find and right click on the DNG… open in Luminar NEO (or other app that supports the DNG) save to tiff in same location… then continue editing in PhotoLab.

Second suggestion, related… if not going to ever support these DNGs, why not allow a simple (generic) DNG to tif conversion for further edits? Not ideal - but might alleviate the burden a bit, and seems like a pretty simple operation to implement since it appears other opensource and freeware options can do this as well.

Third suggestions, tangentially related:
I know you don’t support video editing… but a filter option that shows these (or even ALL) file types might be helpful. I almost accidentally deleted what appeared to be an empty folder out of the photolibrary… but luckily looked in my recycle bin first… there were video files and other documents in that folder. (No warning was given.)

Fourth suggestion: related to the one directly above:
When deleting a folder from PhotoLibrary… WARN THE USER if there are files left-over in that folder. Even better, be helpful and offer to open the folder location to confirm really want to delete.

Thank you for reading and considering,
Best Regards.

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Current policy is that DPL should be the best raw developer … for the supported bunch of gear. Unsupported gear is, well, unsupported to the extreme, which means that most basic asset management and related features are cut to a minimum, if not completely.

Save yourself from expecting support for almost any gear and use other apps that can do what PhotoLab can’t do.

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please, let us stop all that pretense… turns out that for 10+ years DxO was creating profiles for FE mount lenses unawares that Sony optics correction ( vignetting ) is applied to raw files… I mean you can’t be the best if you don’t know the basics … I mean do they even read forums outside this one ? it is for god’s sake public knowledge since the dawn of FE mount …

Are you really sure of your statement regarding the vignetting correction of FE lenses “which would be applied to raw files by Sony”? ? ? ?
This is very surprising for me, who has been processing my raw (.arw) files for quite a few years with PhotoLab!
I have never noticed such a thing, but perhaps I am in another dimension of space-time…
Proving it with examples would be a good way to support your theory.

my dear friend - I posted raw files even = https://app.box.com/s/w3yed09t16iiipgkw995i2ey7vdfkr7g

as noted - this is known for all Sony dSLM FE-mount users for like a decade

of course no sane user does switch such correction on in camera, BUT that is not the point

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If you are using an iPhone, may I suggest what I think is a better way? Process your RAW or ProRaw files in the iPhone editor app RAW Power. Make global, non-destructive edits there. Export full-size TIFFs with an embedded Display P3 profile. Transfer the TIFFs to your computer and open in DxO PL for local editing, if necessary.

RAW Power is so tightly integrated with iOS and Apple’s RAW engine that I have trouble imagining DxO PL ever matching the quality of its output, “generic” processing or otherwise. In my opinion this is not a workaround, it’s a better workflow. I don’t know if there is an analogous app or workflow in Android phones, but perhaps there is. RAW Power is iOS only.

for as long as “RAW Power” deals with the same DNG files there is nothing magic in there that somehow can not be matched or bettered … the only magic can happen before the DNG itself is rendered as a file

Sure, theoretically speaking, all things equal, of course. But they are not equal, are they? The creator of RAW Power was a former Apple coder / engineer who led several key imaging-related projects, including Aperture. There’s that, and the fact that RAW Power now has a seven-year lead.

if we are talking about dealing with publicly documented data (DNG) - they absolutely are equal … now whatever Apple does before creating a DNG file that is another matter ( but that is not in play here )