DNG or Olympus ORF

I am considering adding PhotoLab to my workflow (currently Lightroom Based) primarily because of the good results by others, particularly with high ISO images (m4/3) using Prime noise reduction. My workflow now converts all my Olympus .orf files to .dng on import to Lightroom. Will PhotoLab process the .dng files identically to the .orf files or will I get better results keeping the .orf format on import to Lightroom and PhotoLab process the .orf files?

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Welcome Colin

Whats is your Oly DC ?
Forget Lr limitations and open directly ORF files in PhotoLab.

Hi Pieloe,
Thanks for responding. I have a OMD E-M1.2 and I use primarily the 12-100mm f4 PRO zoom and the 300mm f4 PRO lenses.
So if I want to keep using Lr as a tool for organizing and some post-processing (I have 10k images in Lr and a lot of experience, plus use NIK modules) then I can set Lr to not convert to DNG, export to PL, apply (at least) lens correction, noise reduction then export back to Lr. this would allow me to gain more experience with PL post processing over time.
If I did this, would 16 bit tif be the best format to send back to Lr? Is there any integration of NIK modules into PL?

There is a Lr gateway in PhotoLab.